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all I do is listen to early Taking Back Sunday and put off showering 

If you had let me

You walked in with a smile the size of porcelain dinner plates
and I wanted to break you 
into something that would fit me.

So good, you laughed easily and hard.
Of course I wanted to fuck you
senseless, being twenty and selfish. 

Who let you out with a mouth like that?
So sweet you made me ache, my teeth hurt
like I’d been sucking on you all day. 

Had a super golden weekend

last night


"I’ve seen the slutty side of you"
you slurred and spilled beer down my shirt,
pawing at my neck and pushing me in the room.

"I’m your friend"
but your hands didn’t feel friendly 
when they were yanking my belt from my shorts.

"It’ll be good"
this is not a time for laughing
but I cannot stop shaking. 


1. Drive around the place you grew up and
listen to all the songs that killed you at seventeen.
They can’t kill you anymore.

2. When he texts you asking if you want to come over
say no, spit no, scream no
until you believe it yourself.  

3. File a tooth every time you don’t hurt yourself.
When all you have is a mouth full of fangs,
open your eyes wide and grin. 



"wow, you’re actually really smart"



"wow, you’re actually really smart"

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Eating sweet chili heat doritos with lipstick on is not easy